About Us


Cenla Alliance for Animals (CAFA) is a program of Central Louisiana that focuses on improving animal welfare through ‘Spay Cenla’, education, public awareness, and animal cruelty prevention. Each year, our community disposes of thousands of cats and dogs that are healthy, adoptable animals due to overpopulation. Spay Cenla provides low-income pet owners the opportunity to spay/neuter their animals, eliminating unwanted litters. CAFA works to prevent animal cruelty through a program that works alongside law enforcement to report, investigate and prosecute animal cruelty. CAFA is a non-profit organization governed by a board of volunteers. Membership dues support the programs of CAFA to prevent animal cruelty & over-population in Central Louisiana.

Company Overview

The CENLA ALLIANCE FOR ANIMALS has a mission to prevent animal cruelty, as well as animal overpopulation.


We survive solely on donations from kind and generous people who want to help animals who cannot speak for or defend themselves. We are their voice.

General Information

CAFA offers a spay/neuter discount program (SPAY CENLA), which makes spay/neuter more affordable for low income households. CAFA will be opening a low cost spay/neuter clinic sometime this year.