Application for Voucher

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Online Application

CenLa Alliance for Animals, with the participation of our vet partners, has set up a spay/neuter assistance program for citizens making a combine pre-tax household income of $40,000, or less. Please fill out the following application for financial assistance. You must use one of our participating vet clinics to receive a reduced rate spay/neuter. This program only assists with the cost of the surgery (spay or neuter) and a Rabies shot, which is required by law. If your pet has been given a Rabies Vaccine, then you must provide proof at the time of surgery. By completing and signing this application you are stating that your household makes $40,ooo, or less before taxes on a yearly basis. CAFA maintains the right to request proof of income from any applicant,and to refuse financial assistance to any party we do not feel is in need/deserving of assistance. Our program is run solely on private donations, and occasional grant monies. We respectfully request that you pay as much of the discounted surgery rate as you can possibly comfortably afford to pay. The average cost of a dog is $75 and $60 for a cat.

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Name (Name of the individual apply for assistance)